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Ms Alisha White
Model | Actress
Britian's Next Top Model 2010 & American's Next Top Model 2012 Reality Tv Personality

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Anonymous asked: YOU're such a great model. I watched ANTM and I loved you. You were my bet. I almost died when you were eliminated because I love you and your personality. Just call me Pat. I love you so much ♥

Thank You Stunner xox

2fa4whentheyclose asked: you. are. STUNNING! i was rooting for you on top model! much love <3

Thank You Darling xox

Anonymous asked: on antm cycle 18, you were very funny and has a sweet personality. best of luck in all you do and remember to stay positive!!!

Thank You xox

Making Shapes! I love my top! Done by ME!!!

Making Shapes! I love my top! Done by ME!!!

wh0runtheworld asked: I am watching your cycle of Britain's Next Top Model here in America, and I am amazed you didn't win! You are absolutely stunning, beautiful, charismatic, and very, very humorous!! I rooted for you all throughout your cycle of ANTM. I hope you never give it up on modeling and do it for as long as it makes you happy! I am going to England a few weeks and I always think of you when I think about my departure. I really hope I can meet you one day; you're amazing Alisha!! Love you <3


an-unkindness-of--ravens asked: omg omg i seriously had a ciniption when i realized u follow me omg , youre my favourite antm contestant and youre right , you would have won if you stayed in !!! i love youu youre beautifulll youre a great model !!! #teamstunner


hypsters101 asked: Alisha I love you so much you are my favourite on ANTM and you always will be. I cant tell you how much i love you. you are one of my biggest role models i wish i could be as good as you. Love you so much<3 c: mwah.

That Means LOADS!

takinittothestreet-deactivated2 asked: Alisha! I loved you on ANTM and I hope you succeed in what you love <3 you were my favourite and I hope for the best in your modelling career, xoxo

Thank You

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having-fun-forever asked: Alisha! You are my idol and i love you!! your personality during ANTM really shone through! You inspire me! xoxo You are going to be a superduper model soon! :* mwah